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Published May 24, 2021

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Clean Water

(Issue Brief)

(Fact Sheet)

Big Ag, Big Oil and California’s Big Water Problem

(Fact Sheet)

(Report) (Fact Sheet) (Issue Brief) (Fact Sheet) 

Eversource’s Plan To Privatize New Hartford’s Water

Lead: A Lurking Threat in Drinking Water

(Fact Sheet)

(Report) (Fact Sheet)

Public-Private Partnerships: Issues and Difficulties with Private Water Service

The Public Works: How the Remunicipalization of Water Services Saves Money

Take Back the Tap: The Big Business Hustle of Bottled Water (Fact Sheet)


The Corporate Plan To Consolidate Your Utilities

These Chemicals Are Forever: Water Contamination from PFOA, PFOS and other PFASs

Top Ten Most Expensive Water Providers in the Country: 2017 Update (Fact Sheet)

(Fact Sheet) (Report)

Water = Life: How Privatization Undermines the Human Right to Water


The Water Futures Market: Gambling With Our Water

(Issue Brief)

Water In Peril: Climate Change To Exacerbate Water Woes

Water. Jobs. Justice. The Case For The WATER Act.

What the SLUDGE Is This?

Food System

(Fact Sheet)

Broken Agricultural System Promotes Climate Change Feedback Loop

Can Lab Meat Fix Our Factory Farm Problem?

(Fact Sheet)

Costco’s New Poultry Farms Are a Bad Deal for Iowa

(Fact Sheet)

Dirty Delaware Project to Turn Poultry Slaughterhouse Waste into Pipeline Grade Methane

Do Farm Subsidies Cause Obesity?: Dispelling Common Myths About Public Health And The Farm Bill

Factory Farm Nation: 2020 Edition (Issue Brief)

Factory Farm Nation: 2020 Edition (Fact Sheet)

Factory Farm Pollution Threatens The Great Lakes

Fair Farming: A New Deal Approach to Food Supply Management
Fair Farming Companion Fact Sheet

(Issue Brief)

Federal Legislation for a Just Food System

(Fact Sheet)

(Issue Brief)

(Issue Brief) (Issue Brief) (Fact Sheet)

How Much do Food Labels Tell You?

(Fact Sheet) (Fact Sheet) (Fact Sheet)

(Fact Sheet)

(Fact Sheet) (Fact Sheet)

TPP: Big Giveaway for Agribusiness, Big Risk for Farmers (Fact Sheet)

(Fact Sheet) (Fact Sheet) (Fact Sheet) (Fact Sheet) (Issue Brief)

The Urgent Case For A Ban On Factory Farms

The Urgent Case For A Factory Farm Moratorium In Maryland

The Urgent Case For A Moratorium On Mega-Dairies In New Mexico / Razones urgentes para una moratoria sobre las mega lecherías en Nuevo México

The Urgent Case For A Moratorium On Mega-Dairies In Oregon / Razones urgentes para una moratoria sobre las mega lecherías en Oregón

Well-Fed: A Roadmap To A Sustainable Food System That Works For All
Well-Fed Companion Fact Sheet


Climate & Energy

Aera Energy’s Plans To Drill Santa Barbara Tar Sands

(Fact Sheet) (Issue Brief)

Biogas From Factory Farm Waste Has No Place in a Clean Energy Future

Building a Climate-Resilient Florida

Building Climate Justice: Investing in Energy Efficiency for a Fair and Just Transition

California Is A Climate Emergency: Newsom Must Act

California Leads: How To Break Fossil Fuel Dependence In The Golden State

Cap And Trade Hurts Environmental Justice (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative RGGI)

Cap And Trade: More Pollution For The Poor and People Of Color

Carbon Capture And Storage Has Four Fatal Flaws

Carbon Taxes: The Oil Industry’s Favorite Climate ‘Solution’

The Case to Ban Fracking on Federal Lands

Chemical Recycling Of Plastics Won’t Close The Loop On The Climate Crisis

Community Choice Aggregation: Cleaner, Cheaper Electricity

Cracked: The Case for Green Jobs Over Petrochemicals In Pennsylvania

Dangerously Deep: Fracking’s Threat to Human Health

Dirty And Dangerous: Stop Unnecessary Compressor Stations

Drilled Too Far: The Peril Of Injection Wells

(Issue Brief)

Fighting Climate Chaos With a Green Public Works Program

Fighting Florida’s Climate Chaos: Next Steps in Saving Our State

Fracking: A Bridge To Catastrophic Climate Change

The Fracking Endgame: Locked Into Plastics, Pollution and Climate Chaos

Fracking Nightmare: Explosive Liquefied Gas Export Plan Could Turn New Jersey and the Delaware River Basin Into a Fossil Fuel Sacrifice Zone

Fracking, Power Plants and Exports: Three Steps for Meaningful Climate Action

Fracking’s Bridge To Climate Chaos: Exposing The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Deadly Spin

Fracking Wastewater: A Toxic and Radioactive Problem

Green Manufacturing Over Petrochemicals In Pennsylvania: More Jobs, Wiser Investment

Hydrogen in Our Homes: A Dangerous Pipe Dream

Hydrogen: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Investing in Energy Efficiency for a Fair and Just Transition

Meltdown: The Dangerous Nuclear Option For Climate Control

Natural Gas Liquids: Fracking’s Hazardous Plastics and Pollution Scheme

Natural Gas Liquids (Companion FS)

Now We’re Fracked: Fracking’s Public Health Crisis

Nuclear Energy, Climate Change And Water: A Crisis

Nuclear Energy Isn’t The Solution To Climate Catastrophe

Off Course: Carbon Pricing Myths and Dirty Truths
Off Course Companion Fact Sheet

(Fact Sheet) (Issue Brief)

(Report) (Fact Sheet)

Renewable Natural Gas: Same Ol’ Climate Polluting Methane, Cleaner-Sounding Name

Saving Energy to Mitigate Climate Change

The Science Is In: We Can And Must Achieve 100 Percent Renewable Energy By 2030

Six Reasons to Ban Fracking in Illinois

SoCalGas Plans to Expand Ventura Compressor Station / Spanish version

SoCalGas’ Rush to Greenwash Gas

Stopping Climate Change in Maryland

Stopping Climate Change in New Jersey

Stopping Climate Change in New York

(Issue Brief)

Triple Threat: Petrochemicals and Plastics, Power Plants, And Exports Drive A New Fracking Boom

Why We Need Food & Water Action On Climate Change